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i was ecstatic about mkmf until i checked the comm.
fandom wank is so depressing.
it just shouldn't be like that.

[although, i confess that i enjoy all the macros.
someone should make a comm for them, or at least post them at kpophumor. on the other hand, i could imagine all the further inflammatory wanking that would follow... Dx *sigh. some people just have to ruin it for everyone.]
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a tvxq blog -- that is, a blog about tvxq by a tvxq fan.
xD i stumbled upon it while looking for pics on google, and i got sucked into reading the entries. it's actually quite entertaining.
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COLOR: album 3

album #3: BLACK ~A night for you~
release date: 2008.07.30
quality: 320kbps
file format: *.mp3 in *.rar
size: 111.95mb
DOWNLOAD: [megaupload][sendspace]
  1. mic check intro
  2. Night For You
  3. Midnight call
  4. X-GIRL
  5. BUDDY feat. J Soul Brothers
  6. Call My Name
  7. night interlude
  8. Just a Little Bit
  9. What about us Pt.2
  10. S.S.D. feat. TO-C (Warp-generation)
  11. ain't so easy
  12. share wit' me
  13. 24karats -type C- feat. DOBERMAN INC

filesend was giving me major issues [i.e. simply not working] so i've supplemented the MU link with an SS one.
please don't hesitate to inform me of broken links or any other problems :)
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COLOR: albums 1 + 2

man, i really love this band's sound.

i used to listen to a lot of r&b in middle school [especially boyzIImen stuff] and when high school started i pretty much left that genre behind in favor of asian pop and american alternative rock.
fast forward 8~10 years. nowadays i'm into rock music in any language, but lately i've also been really getting into hiphop. then i chanced upon this band COLOR and realized that, deep down, i still have a great love of r&b.

COLOR has some pop and hiphop overtones, which is perfectly fine with me.
i guess it's just nice to find that i haven't outgrown my fondness for this style.

album #1: RED ~Love is all around~
release date: 2005.09.21
quality: VBR
file format: *.mp3 in *.rar
size: 127.58mb
DOWNLOAD: [megaupload][filesend]
  1. Opening
  2. Move So Fast
  3. Summer time cruisin'
  4. 奇跡
  5. Special love
  6. What about us?
  8. Close To You (Winter ver.)
  9. 音色
  10. 夢で逢えたら (COLOR ver.)
  11. Sweet Memories
  12. JOY ("Joyful" Classic Mix)
  13. Dear Mama
  14. Good bye my love

album #2: BLUE ~Tears from the sky~
release date: 2008.01.23
quality: 320kbps
file format: *.mp3 in *.rar
size: 137.45mb
DOWNLOAD: [megaupload][filesend]
  1. You are
  2. Blue Sky
  3. 青い鳥
  4. Make It Hot
  5. 君のいない道
  6. I'm thinkin' bout U
  7. Since You Went Away feat.ATSUSHI
  8. End Of The Road (Acapella Version)
  9. 涙が落ちないように
  10. For you~blue tears~
  11. Baby Girl
  12. Lost Moments~置き忘れた時間~feat.ATSUSHI
  13. If I...
  14. 涙が落ちないように (Acoustic Version)
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UVERworld discography: 3 albums + 11 singles *UPDATED 2008.09.12*

g 00gle c 0mplex: wow
blu olivz: VBR ends up being smaller than 320 but better quality
g 00gle c 0mplex: I'm both amazed and horrified at the result of your ocd
blu olivz: so, good deal
blu olivz: hahahaahahahaha

as you can probably tell from that bit of conversation... i am a gigantic obsessive freak about file quality, so i've made sure that all the files in my collection are 320kbps or VBR (variable bitrate) mp3s.
[speaking of which! if anyone has VBR versions that i don't have, please share them with me?? :DDD;; i prefer them over 320.]

let me know if there's anything wrong with the download links.
enjoy :)

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credits: #dramaongaku/#nih0ngaku; #nipponsei; #aznmp3.
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不能說的秘密 電影原聲帶 / "Secret" Original Soundtrack

i watched the movie yesterday and really loved some of the music, so i thought i'd share it with everyone :)))

Album: 不能說的秘密 電影原聲帶 / "Secret" Original Soundtrack
Release date: 2007.08.23
Quality: 320 kbps
File format: *.mp3 in *.rar
Size: 126.28 mb
Download: [Filesend][Mediafire folder: 不能說的秘密]
Tracklist: Collapse )

the ones with the 's are my favorite.
my friend found the sheetmusic for me and it's all i've been playing for the past couple of days... i think at this point i'm almost kinda sick of track 22; i've played it so much that i've practically got it memorized x_x
yunho : S Mag

*sings to yunho's reflection* you're such a beautiful woman ♥

beautiful you!
i like the guitar :3

major yunho moobz0r happening @ 4:19 ♥

EDIT: oh man, i've watched this vid like 5 million times now...
O_O been staring at the HQ version like crazy, because oh god, yunho what you do to meeeeeeh.

he is seriously, seriously rockin that prettiness these days, don't you think???
i think all the others have at some point had to grow out their hair quite a bit and yunho's the last one to do it...
but i honestly never thought he would look anything like THIS!
his long hair softens the manliness somewhat and just prettifies the already-present feminine aspects of his facial features.
does he have ANY IDEA what he does to fangirls like me?!?!?!?!?!?!
Dx it is well nigh heart attack inducing..

EDIT2: see my analysis of beautiful you xD
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[宇多田ヒカル - Beautiful World.mp3]
it's only love




君の側で眠らせて どんな場所でもいいよ
beautiful world
beautiful boy
自分の美しさ まだ知らないの

whew. ok, i feel better now.
yunho pickmeup 成功だった~!

this song, especially the chorus, is somehow really catchy D: i don't really like utada but i am hooked against my will.
anyway, i think the chorus is totally about yunho ♥ or yunjae, that works too.

what is that photo from??? i randomly found it while searching images.google for something entirely unrelated.

random fangirling:
YUNJAE!!! otp ftw.
from one of their concerts some days ago, during the performance of "summer dream"
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pics from le comm @ dbsg x]
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so here's my gigantic bigeastation dump :)
no translations, just the raw audio files. i like listening to the boys chatter inanely in the background while i'm doing other things, like driving or homework...

i've uploaded them all to mediafire, so hopefully that will work out for most people. you are welcome to reupload to other servers if people request it, but i won't be reuploading elsewhere.

you can't tell from the list here, but all of the actual files are named with the date, the episode number, the length, and the recording group. i just didn't feel like typing it all out x_x
example filename: 070402 Tohoshinki Bigeastation Ep. 01 [18m26s][marry].mp3.
i've also edited the id3tags bigtime [in japanese+korean] because i'm just really needlessly anal about unnecessary things like that. i hope it doesn't frustrate people too much ^^;; i do it because it helps me organize my music files in iTunes, which is really evil sometimes.
Collapse )

2 versions for all files except ep. 12, for which i couldn't find a marry version. is it floating around out there somewhere? o_Oa
anyway, you really only need one version of each file. it's just down to preference.. volume vs. background noise vs. bass level, etc etc.
marry version tends be more clear, but yattan has fuller sound.
@_@ whatever, it's not too important lol..
i've included the names of the hosts for each ep, in case you are only looking for the ones with certain hosts. [confession: i've burned a buncha audio cds of the eps that have junsu as one of the hosts xD]

anyway, come and download! :)

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all files are from the following clubboxes: lovecc, cashewmania, ATO5TVXQ, TVXQ17171771.
let me know if there's anything wrong with the download links!
enjoy :)

P.S. does anyone want the converted yattan mp3s?
i have them in 192kbps. ^_^ just say the word! i am more than happy to share.